Service rules


The following terms and definitions apply to this document and the resulting or related relations of the Parties: 

a) Platform — hardware and software integrated with the Administration Site; 

b) User — is a legally capable natural person who has joined this Agreement in his own interest or acting on behalf and in the interests of the legal entity represented by him. 

c) Administration / Website — a website hosted in the GameLotto domain

d) Service – a set of services for drawing lottery between other users of the site. The essence is that the user must choose a suitable room in which to bet. At the end of time, the jackpot accumulated over a certain time period by all users of the lottery will be drawn. The chance of the jackpot directly depends on the amount of input of the user funds (the greater the amount of deposit in the room, the greater the chance of winning).

e) In-Game currency – hereinafter referred to as “coin”. This is the currency received by the user when replenishing the in-game account. The cost of 1 Coin is equal to 1 dollar (USD). The calculation of Coin in other currencies is carried out according to the current exchange rate of the Central European Bank against the dollar. 

f) Rules — the special conditions of game (hereinafter the rules) of a lottery together with the General rules applicable to the respective lottery.

1. Fundamentals

1.1. You must accept and comply with the Rules in order to visit pages of this service.
1.2. The Rules are mandatory for all users, with no exceptions.
1.3. Persons who are under 18 years of age at the time of visiting the service must immediately leave it.
1.4. Under no circumstances shall the Administration be liable for direct, indirect, intentional or incidental damages arising from the use or inability to use this service.
1.5. The Administration of the service is not responsible for any actions of users, both legal and illegal.
1.6. The Administration does not make any compensation to users who violate the rules of the service.
1.7. The Administration does not participate in user disputes. The exception can be only cases where the Rules are violated.
1.8. The appeal to the representatives of the Administration should be justified and should contain a clear statement of the problem or question. The Administration reserves the right not to answer questions.
1.9. It is forbidden to use any scripts and / or programs that hinder the normal functioning of the service for any purpose when working with the service.
1.10. In case of detection of malfunctions in the service, the user must inform the Administration.
1.11. Attempts to gain access to accounts of other users are strictly prohibited.
1.12. The Administration reserves the right to take any measures and actions to restore order. This also applies to cases not explicitly described in the Rules.
1.13. The Administration reserves the right to make any changes to these Rules at its discretion.

2. Financial operations
2.1 When replenishing the user account, its funds will be converted into the in-game currency. 
2.2. Withdrawal of funds from the system is carried out only from the balance available to the gambler.
2.3. When withdrawing funds, the user pays the Commission for payment systems the amount of which is set by the pricelist of the payment system.
2.4. The Administration reserves the right to change the Commission of the system and the cost of services provided, if necessary.
2.5. Withdrawal of funds is carried out only to payment systems available for selection in the user Profile.
2.6. The user independently specifies the details for the withdrawal of funds from the system, thereby confirming their correctness.
2.7. In case of payment to requisites incorrectly specified by the user, compensation shall not be made.
2.8. All responsibility for internal money transfers between users is solely borne by the users themselves. The Administration does not deal with complaints related to transfers and does not make refunds. Be careful!
2.9. Withdrawals are made only from accounts that are not blocked and do not have a withdrawal lock.

3. Accounts
3.1. You may not create more than one account.
3.2. By creating an account, you automatically agree to these Rules.
3.3. It is forbidden to use usernames containing:
3.3.1. Offensive and obscene language
3.3.2. Calls for violence and violation of the law
3.3.3. Explicit or implicit advertising
3.4. Responsibility for any actions performed from the user account is borne by its owner, regardless of who committed these actions.
3.5. It is forbidden to provide access to the account to third parties.
3.6. If the offender’s account is blocked, no compensation is made, access to all funds is blocked.
3.7. In case of account deletion, any claims from the account owner will not be accepted. Deleting an account is an irreversible process.
3.8. To prevent bonus fraud, any account restrictions may be imposed without notice.
3.9. In case of registration of the second account on your referral link, the second account is blocked, and the thrice amount of the received referral bonuses shall be written off from the main account.
3.10. It is forbidden to create accounts for the purpose of collecting bonuses. “Freebie collection” entails the punishment in the form of ban. 

4. Avatars 
4.1. It is forbidden the use of the avatar, images / animation containing:
4.1.1. Offensive and obscene language and images
4.1.2. Calls for violence or violation of law
4.1.3. Pornography
4.1.4. Explicit or implicit advertising

5. Liability for violation of the rules
5.1. The following types of punishment are provided:
5.1.1. Warning
5.1.2. Fine In the form of write-off of funds from the balance sheet In case of absence of the required amount of a fine on the balance, the term within which the user is obliged to deposit the required amount on the balance is determined. In the case where the balance does not have the required amount of a fine after the expiration of the period of payment of the required amount, the punishment may be replaced by another, which is equivalent to the current punishment, but not less severe.
5.1.3. Restriction of access to functionality (blocking) Prevent sending messages to chat Ban on bets Prohibition of entering funds into the system (replenishment) Prohibition of withdrawal of funds from the system (payments)
5.1.4. Account lockout
5.1.5. Blocking access to the service by IP
5.1.6. Additional withdrawal fees
5.2. The length and severity of the punishment is determined by the Administration at its discretion and depends on the severity of violation of the existing rules.
5.3. The Administration is not obliged to provide evidence of violation of the Rules.
5.4. All accounts involved in the violation of the rules will be punished in equal or different degrees.
5.5. In case of repeated violation of the rules, a more severe punishment may be applied.
5.6. In case of violation of the Rules, the user account is punished without warning and explanation. An exception may be subparagraphs 1.1 and 1.2 of paragraph 1 of this section.
5.7. The penalty can be changed or cancelled after appeal by the user and subsequent review by the Administration.