Fair Play

Gamelotto has transparent algorithms for choosing a winner. All draws take place exclusively using the random number generation service - Random.org. Lotteries are held with the highest quality control of honesty and full accountability of tickets and players, which excludes any possibility of interference in the result of the drawing by the administration of Gamelotto


What is Random.org

Random.org is a service that generates truly random numbers. The service was created by Ph.D. Mads Haar. a professor of computer science. The service has been operating since 1998; it is engaged in generating long sequences of random numbers and providing a service for lotteries, sweepstakes, and other online games. For 20+ years of its work, the Random.org service has established itself as an honest and unbiased party in the online gambling market. At the moment, the service is used by the largest providers of online games. More about the Random.org service at Wikipedia.

The Benefits of Using Random.org

- No one can know who will win in advance.

- The winner is determined at the end of the round by a disinterested party.

- Impossibility of falsification and manipulation of results.

- Open processed data.

How Exactly Does It Work

In each lottery, tickets are distributed among users.

The number of tickets depends on the amount of the bet, that is, the user receives one ticket for every one coin.

After the lottery timer expires, we send all data on tickets to the Random.org service to select a random ticket, which will be the winning one.


Player 1 bets 200 coins and gets 200 tickets, numbered from one to 200.

Player 2 bets 100 coins and gets 100 tickets with numbers from 201 to 300

In the 300-ticket lottery, Random.org selects a random number between 1 and 300, which is the winning ticket.

Additional User Data Parameters

With each draw, we provide Random.org with additional information about the lottery, such as the room number and the total number of tickets.

Hashed API Key

This is a kind of protection against multiple generations, which excludes manipulation of the result by creating two or more APIs on Random.org. In all our draws, only one API Key is used, the hash of which always remains unchanged.

Hashed API Key: